Membership Details

Being an IIIE member not only opens the door to great opportunities in your career and personal development, you also have access to a first-class range of services to support you as a member.

Who can become a member?

IIIE is open to: legal persons from the corporate and public sectors (collective membership - C) and physical persons / individuals (individual membership - I).

IIIE member can become everyone who pays a membership fee, which is renewed each calendar year and who takes into account agreement on the rights and duties of members.

How can become a member?

If you want to become our member please complete the online application for membership in IIIE. (Collective Membership - C or Individual Membership - I)

The amount of the fees was determined by the Council IIIE.

 Type of Membership

 Number of Employees



Companies, Institutions



Less than 10



10 and less than 50



50 and less than 250



250 and more






Physical Persons



Employed individuals



Young, Students


Member benefits and services

IIIE offers you a range of benefits and services which include:
The chance to be a global influencer and build your professional network
IIIE members are regularly invited to play a part in developing the profession at all levels. This means you can ultimately create or influence policies that impact on individuals, businesses and communities alike.

All members have the opportunity to stand for Council , the body which governs IIIE's

Supporting you in your continual personal and professional development

IIIE provides you with a wealth of materials and opportunities to assist you in your personal development and career and also supports your continual professional development. For example, we provide a variety of exclusive e-learning packages: articles, events, workshops and conferences on our ……………….section whilst many of our local offices hold face-to-face networking events.

In collaboration with some of the world’s leading academics and practioners we have also identified workshops, semianrs and conferences which allow members to specialise within a particular area of Inspiration Economy. Through our partnerships, members benefit from accelerated access routes and discounted fees on many of these courses whilst also ensuring the IIIE brand is synonymous with excellence in professional education.

Keeping you informed – online, in print and on the move

IIIE keeps you up-to-date with what's happening in the Inspiration Economy through a variety of ways.

  • Monthly Newsletter
    Members receive Newsletter on different topics related to Inspiration Economy and an exaample of IE best practice.
  • Our member focussed social media platforms
    Not only do we provide members the opportunity to engage and network with each other online through our members' only LinkedIn group, we also keep members up-to-date through our Twitter feeds. Visit our Social media for members for more information.