IIIE Affiliate Partners

Why you become an Affiliate Partner with IIIE?

IIIE is an international non-profit organisation that has more than 200 experts in our network represent all over the globe and with all the types of speciality. All are committed to inspire and change the world positive through their focused thinking, persistent spirit and most of innovative and open mind set.

We believe in co-existence and the right of world societies to live and collaborate to establish the principles of the future socio-economy standards.

We believe choosing to be a collaborating partner, affiliating expert and/or member with IIIE means:

  • Your potential to reach out and inspire communities in different area around the world would be more possible
  • You'll be a member of a huge network already joining both IIIE and Journals related to Inspiration based economy
  • You can develop yourself or your research on a new rapidly growing discipline that the founder of IIIE are the source of coining it
  • You'll be informed regularly of the updates and events coming on the different subjects , disciplines that are tackling the issue of inspiration and how it is used to enhance the socio-economy
  • You'll be entitled too much type of discounts (between percent10 to %30) and priority seating's in relevant to Workshops, Best Practice visits, conference, books, etc.
  • You be more able to network to a strong data base from all over the world in future coming up subjects as Lifelong Learning, Quality of Life, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Service Excellence, Knowledge Economy, Learning economy, Innovation Economy, Innovation Labs, and more.